... what happens out here at Rural Wonders? 


Well, in short, some pretty amazing stuff, because the horses are the teachers!


Rural Wonders provides immersive Equine Assisted Learning services for children and adults. Individuals and small groups work with and around horses on both formal EAL exercises and informal experiential equine learning.  Programs are individually designed to support personal development and learning in all domains.  From logic and sequencing to teamwork and collaboration, self-regulation and self-reflection, EAL can promote and propel areas of self-inquiry for individual participants.


The quiet and calm farm environment allows participants to delve deeper into present minded learning.  Programs are tailored for groups and learners are supported through their individual learning experiences by a formally trained EAL Facilitator.


Beaverlodge Regional High School (BRHS), Equine Connections Program

Mountain Plains Community Services Society of the North (MPCSSN)

Helen E. Taylor School, Wembley, AB

Hythe Regional School, Hythe, AB


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